COVID Actions

Hello TFSD #411:

In light of the status of COVID-19 the TFSD, in coordination with the South Central Public Health District, will implement the following precautions immediately:

  1. There will be no face to face parent/teacher conferences.  These will all need to be conducted via phone with teachers calling parents during scheduled times.  During the phone conferences, we ask all staff to verify email addresses for parents for further communication.
  2. TFSD has suspended all district out of state travel for students and staff (senior trips, conferences, field trips, etc.) until further notice.  This may be extended to out of district travel at a future date.
  3. Starting 3/13/20, there will be no indoor gatherings in confined areas (i.e. gyms, auditoriums, cafeteria ) of more than 250 people at any one time within our schools.   This includes school and community events. This may require schools to stagger lunches, cancel assemblies, postpone evening events, etc.
  4. Attendance policies related to credits, finals, awards, etc. are suspended.  Student absences still need to be verified.
  5. Outdoor activities will continue until further notice.
  6. Continue to promote good hygiene practices.
  7. Any staff or students who are symptomatic (fever, cough, shortness of breath) will need to be cleared by medical personnel before returning to school.  If the employee does not have leave available, the district may grant additional days.   Employees with confirmed cases will not be charged leave.
  8. Employees who self-quarantine and are diagnosed with a confirmed case will be credited back their leave.  The district may grant additional days for employees awaiting virus test results.  If you have questions, please contact HR.

Other restrictions and precautions may be implemented when cases are identified in Idaho based on recommendations from the Governor and South Central Public Health District.  We are also in the process of identifying strategies for distance learning should we have the need to close school.  If you have questions, South Central Public Health District has set up a hotline at 208-737-1138.  Other information is available at  Information on symptoms can be found at