Student Engagement!

Dear Riverhawk Teachers, Students and Parents:

First of all, thank you all for your patience and efforts to make the best of the difficulties of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Because of online learning, we are seeing more students failing classes than ever before. Teachers are adjusting the amount of learning tasks being assigned, because we know that online learning at home, often without adult supervision, is not ideal compared to the more distraction-free, supportive learning environment at school. The problem is that too many students are doing nothing or very little online learning at home to meet the adjusted expectations. If students end up failing a class for the semester, the grade will go on their high school transcript as an F and will not count toward the 52 credits required for graduation. When students fall behind on credits, they must take summer school or additional online courses in the summer to catch up. To help prevent students from falling behind on credits by not passing their classes, we have developed the following Online Monday Consistency Plan. See Dr. Dickinson's Letter to Parents attached. 



  • Teachers will post the weekly expectations of learning tasks for each day in Schoology (Updates) or Google Classroom (Stream) on Monday morning.
  • Teachers will assign one, simple, meaningful learning task each Monday morning for a completion grade. The learning task must be done on Monday by the students to receive a completion grade, unless a parent calls to verify that a student is sick or for some other reason is not available to learn online for that Online Monday. Completion grades will improve the overall grade of students if completed on Monday. If not completed on Monday, they will drop the overall grade of the students. No late work will be accepted for Online Mondays.
  • Students will: 1) log on to each online classroom (Schoology or Google Classroom) for each teacher on Monday morning (7 classes, no advisory period), and write down the one learning task for each class to be completed during Online Monday, 2) make a plan to complete all 7 learning tasks before midnight, and 3) submit all 7 learning tasks before midnight.
  • Parents may support by asking students to share their plan to complete the 7 learning tasks during Online Monday before midnight, and by following up on the weekly expectations for each class throughout the week. 
  • Administration will collect the submission rates from teachers Tuesday morning and communicate school progress to teachers, students and parents. As a school, we need to see an improvement in online learning at home. Students must get better at this to pass their classes. 

REMINDER: All dual credit courses are held to a higher standard as set forth by the sponsoring college. Canyon Ridge cannot alter dual credit standards. 


Thank you for doing your part! 


Sincerely Principal Teske