Information for Parents of Seniors

Parents of Seniors:
We understand this a stressful time for you as your student progresses towards graduation.  Please know we are going to work with you to ensure your senior is able to graduate as planned.  Here are a few points:
1.  It is important for seniors to continue working through their classes on the digital platform to ensure they earn the credits they need for graduation.  If they are not able to access classes online, please contact your school for assistance.
2.  We have not made a decision on the timing of the graduation ceremony. Information on this topic will be shared at a later date.
3.  The senior project presentation requirement has been waived.  Students have already submitted their completed work and this will be graded and used to satisfy the requirement.
If you have individual questions about your senior, please reach out to your school for assistance.  If you email the principal he will either answer your question or get one of the guidance counselors to reach out.  
Twin Falls High School:  Dan Vogt:
Canyon Ridge High School:  Kasey Teske:
Magic Valley High School:  Roger Keller: